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Birth Free - Birthing A New Powerful You through Life's Transitions
  Pregnancy - Birth - Motherhood - Wise Elder 

People Talk

“Deborah makes us question what is truly possible for our birthing”

Jill M, YogaBirth Instructor


“Deborah offers a new and refreshing understanding. It helps us to see the supreme power of our thoughts in creating our perceptions of circumstances around us.”

Katie S.  London

"The birth was truly an incredible experience...The course allowed me to enjoy every aspect of the pregnancy. I was able to look at every ache and pain in a new light. I looked forward to the birth instead of my natural instinct to worry about it... Thank you so much for this positive experience!"

Rena S. Netanya

“Your relaxation tracks gave me such a sense of peace, joy and serenity. I can't thank you enough!"
Sara H. Cape Town

"You’d be hard pressed to find a woman who wants to relive transition and delivery. Well, look no further.  I cannot describe how incredible my birth experience was.  Suffice it to say that I felt like a rock star after birthing Mia. To any pregnant women out there—you’ve got to check out this program.  It’s truly unbelievable!"

Sandra G, New York 

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