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My Story

"Deborah cocooned herself in a trance-like state. She appeared both deeply concentrated & relaxed at the same time, a sense of being fully centred.  It was simply beautiful to witness"       D. Kadish (Doula) at Deborah's Birth 
Published Book
Deborah Binun BSc MA MBACP  (Founder of Birth Free)

Back in 2009, I found myself pregnant & terrified. Reality hit: I had just nine months to overcome my deep rooted fear of childbirth, one I had carried ever since childhood.  

During that first pregnancy, I experienced a profound transformation & subsequently had 4 wonderful birth experiences. Sitting here today 15 years later, as a Birth Practitioner and Psychotherapist, it is still difficult to believe that the fear confining me for so long completely evaporated.

It is my passion to take women on a journey of discovery, not only to birth without fear, but to uncover their true resilience & strength in the face of whatever might come their way during birth, motherhood & way beyond.

As I approach the next life transition, that of peri-menopause, I have become increasingly interested in what life is asking of us.  And it seems to me, it's a call to be more authentic, more vulnerable and more sensitive to the beauty that life has to offer.  To live life unapologetically, in multicolour. A deeper call to be who we really are, in all our uniqueness. And so, the birth of 'Unapologetically YOU' -  A Women's Circle of Exploration & Discovery; A Spa for the Soul. 

"From Fear to Freedom: Your Path to Ecstatic Birthing & Beyond," prepares you mentally & emotionally to birth with power, strength and true resilience. Developing an unshakeable trust in both your body and your mind enables the full letting go so beneficial to birthing. Enabling you to welcome all sensations, thoughts and emotions that come your way. Birthing in your full expression, fully connected - the beginning of your sacred journey into motherhood, feeling empowered and fully aligned with yourself.  Can it really get any more ecstatic than that?

"Unapologetically YOU" is an in person Women's Circle of Authentic Connection. A place where you can be yourself & explore whatever is on your heart. True Nourishment for the Soul!

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