Relaxation Downloads

These tracks guide you into a deep state of relaxation for body and mind. 

create your beautiful birth

A rehearsal of giving birth from beginning to end. Your mind & body will become familiar with the concept of a calm & relaxed birth as well as the idea of an enjoyable & manageable experience which become well embedded within your belief system.

bond with your baby
letting go of fear

This track is designed to help you become more conscious of your baby and start the beautiful bonding process with your unborn child. Recent research suggests that such bonding makes for a better pregnancy and birth.

Most pregnant women hold fears, be it relating to birth or motherhood. This crucial track helps you to understand the nature of fear and put them into perspective.

wisdom of the body

These affirmations point you towards the innate wisdom of your wondrous birthing body. Gain trust & confidence in yourself and your body’s ability to birth your baby.

wisdom of the mind

This track is based on the ideas and insights of Sydney Banks (The Missing Link, 1998: Lone Pine Publishing). This track reveals the nature of thought and feeling, pointing us to the important truth that we always have access to wisdom and well being.

Birthing Course

Enrich & Enhance Your Birth Experience


Part 1 - The Missing Peace (Psychological Preparation): 

4 x 1 hour sessions - An Introduction to The 3 Principles behind psychological functioning. Discover what is really creating your life experience.

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Part 2- Hypnobirthing (Practical Preparation):
2  x 2 hour sessions -  The Essentials
Special Breathing Techniques & Deep Relaxation Tools.

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relaxation birth music

This music only track features music used in all the downloads. It serves as a powerful auditory trigger, signalling to your body & mind to relax.

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