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                                FREE MASTERCLASS!   


                                        From Fear to Freedom:
                     Your Path to Ecstatic Birthing & Beyond!

Powerfully Tune in to Your Body & Your Mind, Birth with Confidence & Ease and Enter into Motherhood feeling Strong & Nourished 

          Are you feeling scared or apprehensive about your upcoming birth?

                             Do you fear you will lose yourself in the process?
           Want to look forward to your birth and feel strong & empowered?
          Want to journey into motherhood feeling grounded & feeling ready?

             Come & Join Me for my FREE MASTERCLASS to hear
              how you can truly let go during birth & transition
                                   into Empowered Motherhood!

                     Monday 15th April at 11am
              Sign up to attend & receive the replay

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Your Host for the Masterclass:

Hi, I’m Deborah Binun. I’m a Psychotherapist, Birth Educator, and Author of ‘The Missing Peace in Childbirth.’

Ever since I can remember, I was petrified at the thought of giving birth. I also had mixed feelings about becoming a mother. I postponed having children for many years. During my Psychotherapy Masters, I completed a thesis on Tokophobia, the pathological fear of childbirth. At the same time, I found myself unexpectedly pregnant. During my 9 months of pregnancy, I went on a deep journey. I uncovered my resilience and a deep trust in my ability to birth and mother. My birth, the moment I had forever feared, turned out to be the best day of my life. I am passionate about guiding women through this huge life transition to discover their innate strength & power to birth.

Melanie:  "The greatest testimony I can give to Deborah is that the second after I  gave birth, which was                                              my most joyful birth, I thought I just want to do that again! It was just invigorating!"

Rena:       "The person that Deborah met at the beginning to the person that gave birth to these children, I'm                                        not the same and couldn't be a bigger advocate...I just want to have more babies!"
Olivia:       "Working with Deborah was life changing for me!"

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