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               Birth 4 YOU - Transforming Birth & Beyond

                          Join me on an 8 week Journey of Self-Discovery !

   A Birth Preparation Course like no other preparing you mentally, physically,         emotionally & practically for calm birth & smooth transition to Motherhood.

Discover your innate resilience & openness in the face of whatever may unfold for you during your pregnancy, birth & motherhood

Develop a deep trust allowing the true letting go so beneficial to smooth birthing & beyond

 Approach birth feeling excited rather than nervous 

Enter motherhood with an unshakeable confidence & strength

Learn highly effective tools for birth such as special breathing techniques, deep relaxation processes, creative visualisations & guided imagery all to ensure you can birth with confidence, ease & peace of mind.

        The Birth is 4 YOU. Make of it what you can. Relish in this amazing opportunity!         Transforming you. Transforming your birth. Transforming the mother you will become.

                   I look forward to accompanying you on this Sacred Journey!


 Also Includes:

Online Version of the Book: The Missing Peace In Childbirth 

3 Complimentary Relaxation Tracks


        "You'd be hard pressed to find a woman who wants to relive transition and delivery.

        Well, look no further.  I cannot describe how incredible my birth experience was.  S

        Suffice it to say that I felt like a rock star after birthing Mia.

        To any pregnant women out there—you’ve got to check out this program. 
         It’s truly unbelievable!"                                                                       Sandra G, New York 



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