Birth with Confidence, Ease & Peace of Mind

Part 1 –The Missing Peace (Psychological Preparation)
4 x 1 hour sessions - An introduction to the 3 universal principles behind your psychological functioning. Discover what is really creating your life experience. 

Introduction to The 3 Principles                           Understand how your Mind Works

Awareness of Your Inner Wisdom                         Put Fears into Perspective

Increases Openness & Acceptance                      Explore State of Mind & its Effects

allowing you to Trust & Let Go                                

 Includes Newly Published E-Book: The Missing Peace In Childbirth 


  Part 2- Practical Birth Preparation
  2  x 2 hour sessions -  The Hypnobirthing Essentials 

Special Breathing Techniques                                   Deep Relaxation Exercises

Effective Massage Techniques                                   Skills to Facilitate Smooth Birthing 

 Includes 3 Complimentary Relaxation Tracks 



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