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From Fear to Freedom:
Your Path to Ecstatic Birthing & Beyond!

  A 6-week journey enabling you to powerfully birth in your fullest expression, entering into motherhood strong, grounded & resilient.  The deep sense of security & serenity that you'll find will be yours for a lifetime.





                                              Are you feeling scared or apprehensive about your upcoming birth?
                                         Lost count of all the negative birth stories that you’ve encountered?
                                  Perhaps you fear losing control during your birth & don’t know what to expect?
                                       Or maybe you’re feeling nervous or ambivalent about becoming a mother?
                                       Do you fear all the changes or that you will lose yourself in the process?
                                      Would you like to look forward to your birth and feel strong & empowered?
                              Do you want to begin your journey into motherhood feeling grounded & feeling ready?


                                     If you answered YES to any of these questions, then consider joining me for
                              this life changing journey to mentally & emotionally prepare for birth & motherhoo

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Investment : Pay IN FULL - £345.00
AND receive the following BONUSES: A Free electronic copy of my book, ‘The Missing Peace
                             in Childbirth:
Birth with Confidence, Ease & Peace of Mind’’                      
                                          plus 4 Relaxation/Guided Meditation Tracks for Birth.

                                 Payment Plan Options Available:     2  x  £172.50  or  3  x  £115.00 

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       Your Host for The Program: Deborah Binun​




Hi, I’m Deborah. I’m a Psychotherapist, Birth Educator, and Author of ‘The Missing Peace in Childbirth.’

Ever since I can remember, I was petrified at the thought of giving birth. I also had mixed feelings about becoming a mother. I postponed having children for many years. During my Psychotherapy Masters, I completed a thesis on Tokophobia, the pathological fear of childbirth. At the same time, I found myself unexpectedly pregnant. During my 9 months of pregnancy, I went on a deep journey. I uncovered my resilience and a deep trust in my ability to birth and mother. My birth, the moment I had forever feared, turned out to be the best day of my life. I am passionate about guiding women through this huge life transition to discover their innate strength & power to birth.  

Melanie:  "The greatest testimony I can give to Deborah is that the second after I  gave birth, which was                                  my most joyful birth, I thought I just want to do that again! It was just invigorating!"

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During these 6 weekly 1 hour on-line sessions, you will rediscover and strengthen the loving bond with the most important person in this whole process - no, it’s not your partner and it’s not even your baby!

Of course, the bond is with yourself! 

Reconnecting to your essence and bringing you back in tune with your body is vital as you approach your birth. In turn, you will be in a position to build a beautiful, loving bond with your baby, allowing a strong, healthy start to your motherhood journey.

You will leave this experience a changed person. It will enable you to navigate onwards with a more relaxed and open mind, holding your beliefs and expectations just that little more lightly, having caught a glimpse of the infinite possibility and wisdom that lies just beyond the confines of your mind.

This new-found trust will enable the true letting go so beneficial to smooth and confident birthing.






This soul searching journey will gently challenge everything you thought you knew (in a good way..) and will reconnect you to your body, your birthing instinct and the innate wisdom and guidance that lies within every human being. This will ultimately allow you to enter into birth & motherhood with an unshakeable strength & true resilience in the face of whatever might come your way.


In enabling you to understand the role your mind plays in your experience, this course will not only impact your birth and mothering, but will automatically have an impact on all aspects of your life. You will have gained the tools to see things from a wider perspective, thereby enabling you to navigate the ups and downs of life with more ease and grace.


Feeling more confident and grounded with access to more peace of mind within yourself, your relationships with those around you will automatically improve, enabling a stronger, more loving bond with your partner, and of course with your new little baby.


You don't need to approach birth & motherhood with fear. You can walk this journey feeling confident, excited & empowered.  Knowing yourself.  Knowing that you are truly capable of ecstatic birthing & beyond.  We all have birth power within. It’s just a matter of activating it.

             Rena: "The person that Deborah met at the beginning to the person that gave birth to these               children, I'm not the same and couldn't be a bigger advocate...I just want to have more babies!"














                                                                     Frequently Asked Questions

I am already doing another birth preparation course. Will this one conflict?

This program is a great complement to any other birth preparation course that you may be taking. The focus is on the emotional and mental aspects of your journey. There is so much to navigate through in this big life transition. It is so important to be given the space to truly reflect, and ultimately to reconnect to yourself, both your body and your mind. Having worked with a lot of birth trauma and post natal depression, my aim is to build true resilience and strength in the face of anything that may come your way.

Does it make a difference what kind of birth I'm preparing for?

Although I point women towards the innate power and birthing instinct we all have within, this is not necessarily about having a natural birth. This is about following your body, your wisdom, your way. We are all on our own unique journeys and we all know deep down what is best for us in any given moment. When we can hold our expectations a little more lightly, we start to see that we are fine no matter what plays out for us.

What is the format of the sessions?
The sessions take place online via Zoom.

There is a large teaching component where you learn about the vital role your mind plays in creating your experience. You learn what fear really is and why it feels so compelling.

We explore your beliefs around birth & motherhood and discover how uncovering these can change the reality that you live in.
We make use of guided meditations and creative visualisations to increase clarity and trust and to discover the deep wisdom and guidance that lies within you.

We touch upon breathing techniques and relaxation processes to enable smooth birthing.

Must I attend all the sessions live?

Since the sessions have a large teaching component, it can be just as beneficial to listen to the replays which will be yours to keep forever.

If I don’t attend live, will I have the opportunity to ask questions?

We have a Facebook Group for members of the program so if you have any questions in between sessions, I am there to answer them for you.

Must I pay now for the whole program in full?

I offer payment plans for anyone who cannot pay for the whole Program upfront.  (2  payments of  £172.50  or 3 payments of £115.00).  Please contact me direct to discuss what would work best for you.

What are times, dates & content of the Program?

Tuesday 7th May : 11am-12: Your Story & how it creates your reality
Tuesday 14th May: 11am-12: Letting Go (Uncovering Birth Power)

Tuesday 21st May: 11am-12: Fears & how to see through them

Integration Week

Tuesday 4th June: 11am-12: Expectations and ‘The Shoulds’
Tuesday 11th June: 11am-12: Pain & Shifting Perceptions
Tuesday 18th June: 11am-12: Live Q and A

                                              Olivia: "Working with Deborah was life changing for me!"

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