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The 3 Principles

Overwhelmed as you anticipate changes about to occur in your life? 

Feeling scared & apprehensive about your upcoming birth?

Finding it difficult to move on from a past upsetting birth experience? 

Already had your baby & feeling the  'Baby Blues' still hanging around?

If you feel you need someone to talk to, I offer a series of 6 sessions which can really help to clear your mind and get you back on track. 

During sessions, I share the 3 universal principles behind life which point people towards their own intrinsic well-being and potential for peace of mind. Beyond the constant chattering of our thoughts, we all have innate emotional resilience.

This understanding of how we as human beings function psychologically and how we create our own reality has proved invaluable to clients facing anxieties, fears or depression before, during and after birth.

“I have really benefited from Deborah's sharing of the Three Principles.  I feel so much happier and more confident and able to think clearly. It reassured me that it is normal to have negative thoughts and feelings. They are part of being human. Once I stopped worrying about worrying, I felt more able to let bad thoughts or feelings go, evaporate into the air, and could get on with my day and focus on what I needed to do next. I did not feel 'stuck' anymore. Deborah made me feel much better about myself, that I am stronger and healthier than I think and that being strong is not about never feeling stressed or overwhelmed - that's just life!"  

Michelle, Mother & Part-time Psychologist, London

1. Mind

There is an energy & intelligence behind life, an infinite creative potential. This is  ‘Mind’ - something that is bigger than us, flowing and unfolding in perfect orchestration.

2. Thought

Via thought, you are creating your own individual experience of reality. If you had no thoughts, you would have no experience of life.  

3. Consciousness

Consciousness brings your thinking to life, informs your sensory system and turns it into a full blown experience. Most of us live with the huge misunderstanding that our experience comes from outside circumstances or from other people when in fact it comes from within us, via our thinking.

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