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In 2006, I carried out the first piece of detailed research on Primary Tokophobia at The School of Counselling & Psychotherapy at Regent’s College in London. Having postponed pregnancy for many years myself, I had a vested interest in getting to the bottom of this phobia. 

Tokophobia is a term used to describe the significant fear of pregnancy and childbirth. For some women, it can lead to the avoidance of having children altogether.


I understand only too well the anxiety & fear that can surround pregnancy and birth. It is my passion and life's work to accompany women on their journey, helping them to arrive at a place of clarity, power and peace of mind with regard to their life choices.

Whether you choose to have children or not, let it be from a clear position of personal preference as opposed to fear. This can often be difficult to unpick.

Or maybe you are already pregnant and terrified. This was me 15 years ago and I only wish such a Program had been around then, believe me, I searched the globe!

'From Fear to Freedom'

6 Week Group Program: £345.00

5 Week One to One Intensive Program

Based on Belief Coding & Mind Navigation Methods: £567.00

"Deborah, thank you so much for everything. My anxiety in the middle of the night just isn't there anymore. I do feel different. I am even feeling broody!"  Jamie, S. New York

From Fear to Freedom: Mental & Emotional Birth Preparation 6 Week Group Program: £345.00

Return 2 You: The Transition to Motherhood 4 Week Group Program: £234.00

Hypnobirthing Essentials
Practical Birth Preparation

4 Week Group Program: £234.00

Back on Track

4 Week One to One Program (Anxiety/Baby Blues/Birth Trauma):£325.00

2 hr Belief Coding One to One to address a specific issue:


Belief Coding 3 Week One to One Intensive Program for Anxiety, Trauma or Depression:


Take on Tokophobia

5 Week One to One Intensive Program based on Belief Coding & Mind Navigation

Book your FREE call to discuss which option is best for you.


“I have been scared of giving birth my whole life. Even being in the presence of pregnant women freak me out. Coming across this understanding has definitely changed things for me. I can't say the fear has gone away altogether, but now at least I know what it is. It doesn't scare me as much. I can see the possibility of having children in the future. Before it was out of the question. I am really grateful for that."  

Louise M., London

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