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In 2006, I carried out the first piece of detailed research on Primary Tokophobia at The School of Counselling & Psychotherapy at Regent’s College in London. Having postponed pregnancy for many years myself, I had a vested interest in getting to the bottom of this phobia. I desperately wanted children.

Tokophobia is a term used to describe the significant fear of pregnancy and childbirth. For some women, it can lead to the avoidance of having children altogether.

After years of trying all sorts of different therapies, it is hard to believe that the solution was so simple. To think that 10 years after completing my thesis on the fear of childbirth, I would write a book on the joy of childbirth is completely unfathomable.

My passion is to spread the simple and profound understanding of the mind that can help women to see past their fears. Exploring what is really creating the human experience has provided hope to so many women, ultimately allowing them to achieve their dream of having children.

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“I have been scared of giving birth my whole life. Even being in the presence of pregnant women freak me out. Coming across this understanding has definitely changed things for me. I can't say the fear has gone away altogether, but now at least I know what it is. It doesn't scare me as much. I can see the possibility of having children in the future. Before it was out of the question. I am really grateful for that."  

Louise M., London

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