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New Release - The Missing Peace in Childbirth

                 Prepare to begin your Journey                                           of Inspiration & Insight
               A Whole New World awaits You...


  • Why is what you believe about birth so crucial to your experience? 

  • How can you see through the illusion of fear, anxiety & pain?

  • How can you let go of control & embrace the unknown of birth & beyond?

              Discover the Key to Confident Birthing         
            & Approach Birth with True Peace of Mind 

Beyond techniques, Deborah reveals “The Missing Peace”— a revolutionary understanding of the human experience that will allow you to see childbirth from an entirely new perspective. In this inspiring read, you will discover the deep sense of security, serenity, and clarity that is available to everyone, regardless of their specific fear, personality, or individual situation.

Via three simple principles, you will uncover your innate power, inner wisdom, and resilience in the face of whatever might come your way. This will allow you to embrace your birth with effortless freedom and trust as you come to a deeper understanding that there is nothing to fear.

This profound psychological paradigm, now sweeping the globe, is the key to birthing with confidence, ease, and peace of mind, with the power to completely transform your experience.


The Three Principles apply in all aspects of life, and in this wonderful book Deborah Binun takes them into territory heretofore unrecognized: childbirth. For prospective mothers (and fathers, too) to truly grasp what Deborah is pointing to here could be as revolutionary for childbirth as was Lamaze breathing. I would recommend this book to any pregnant woman and to the man or woman by her side. 

Jack Pransky, author, Somebody Should Have Told Us! and Seduced by Consciousness

Deborah shares her passion for helping women to see what lies at the heart of their birth experience. Based on an understanding of the Three principles. she demonstrates how one’s experience of birth can be a rich, powerful, and magical one.

Stacey Levine, clinical psychologist and Innate Health practitioner

A great book showcasing our human ability to enjoy birth.  

Dr. Gowri Motha, obstetrician and author of Gentle Birth Method

Deborah’s book, The Missing Peace in Childbirth, offers moms-to-be an undoubtedly helpful guide that can make a giant difference in how they experience childbirth. In the first few pages she entices her reads to consider, “it is our society that has taken birth and turned it into a difficult and painful event, through a lack of understanding about the physiology of birth. As a culture we have colluded in creating a negative reality for ourselves and our beliefs about birth and the female body.” From this premise, using personal stories and solid research, she builds a framework for a better understanding of childbirth. This book is packed with valuable information about the body’s instinctual ability to “know” what needs to happen, and the role that an individual’s thinking will have in the birth process. Deborah makes valuable distinctions between ideas such as expectations and aspirations, or pain versus suffering that provokes readers to honestly consider the role of Thought in every aspect of their life, not just in this example related to childbirth. I look forward to this book’s publication as I have several young women in my life who are ready to start families and I would love to share The Missing Peace with them.

Diane P. McMillen, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, Washburn University, Kansas

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